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BRIDGES to Tajikistan; Zumrad NGO, Dushanbe and Dono School, Khujand
METRO TV  Eagle Institute, Jakarta
VIDEO LIMA (5), Indonesia
SBO TV  “New VJ’s”, Indonesia
Other International Locations
Indonesia Magazine Article

Christopher Productions has created and produced projects throughout the world including consulting, video production, and program distribution.

United Nations FAO, India

» India Final Report

We have worked as consultants with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization to create an innovative educational program for India's dairy farmers through Operation Flood. Working with a group of 15 cooperative development team members, we trained them in television production and then distributed their videos, utilizing village meetings, about various health issues for the cattle and the villagers. As with many of our programs, the process of creation of the video was used as a major tool to advance the purpose of the project.

SBO TV "New VJ's", Indonesia

» Indonesia Magazine Article

In an ongoing consulting/teaching and production role, Christopher Productions created a two day training session for 25 schools in Surabaya Indonesia in conjunction with SBO TV and the New VJ’s (video journalists) program. 

Over 150 youth and 25 teachers were taught the basics in television productions and journalism and then created short news stories about social issues important to them and their communities.  These stories were then broadcast on SBO TV during regularly scheduled newscasts.  

Christopher Productions President, Chris Schueler has also done seminars about social issue documentary production for young documentary filmmakers in Bandung and Jogjakarta Indonesia as part of the LA Lites Indy Film Fest.

Search for the Lost Ark, Ethiopia

» Clip

A 30-minute exploration documentary, this program journeys to the northern part of Ethiopia to find the Ark of the Covenant.

Three men go on a quest halfway around the world to see if the Ark still exists. Full of exotic and incredible, exclusive footage, what they find changes their lives in ways they never imagined. The program includes rare sequences of the parade of the Ark in Axum, Ethiopia.

Other International Locations

Locations for production have included Vietnam, South Africa, Ethiopia, India, Nicaragua and Israel. Christopher Productions programs have aired in over 35 countries around the world on a wide variety of international networks.

The challenges inherent in international travel and video production are unique and require patience, foresight, and experience. Christopher Productions prides itself on those attributes. We enjoy the preparation necessary for production overseas and feel confident in our abilities to work in virtually any environment.



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