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BIG Healthy Life
New Marijuana
Hikers, Bikers & Automobiles: Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety
PREGNANT: Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Everyone's Business: Protecting Our Children
Bystanders Ending BULLYING
NO EXCEPTIONS, Pain Killer Addiction
DOMENICI, National Leadership
SMASHED: Youth, Brains and Alcohol
CODY - The First Step, Paralysis Issues
Looking In, Homelessness
Date Violence, Dating Issues
Not In My Family, Mental Health Stigma
Coming Back, Youth Suicide
See Mommy Cry, Domestic Violence
Healing the Earth, Global Warming
High, Kids and Drugs
Knowing When to Stop, Gambling Addiction
Risk, Adolescent Brains
Past Projects

Not in My Family

Bronze World Medal, New York Film Festival Finalist, National "Voice" Awards
National Institute of Mental Health Nominee, Documentary, Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards

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This project utilized a documentary that included interactive electronic technology to reach a teenage audience. The program included cell phone interviews captured by teens, live web cams, interactive text and email surveys and a live studio audience.

This documentary is the centerpiece of an anti-stigma project about mental health issues. It revolves around the stories of four young people who are at various stages of their own mental illness. In order to involve young people and their communities in the production and therefore start discussion at the grassroots level, the documentary includes comments that teenagers have filmed on their cell phones talking about the issue as well as a full classroom discussion. Following the documentary, a live program used text messaging, web cams and a small group of experts to examine next steps in addressing this critical issue that affects one in five young people in New Mexico.

Partners on the project included schools across the state who participated in the production through creation of news stories, through the use of cell phone text messaging and video taping interviews with their peers. A web site was also created for feedback during the program as well as a link to local mental health services.

As a result over 1 million people in New Mexico were reached by the project through the broadcast of this program, involvement in the creation, newspaper articles, web site interaction and television news stories. This documentary has been distributed to each school district in the state.

Coming Back

Rocky Mountain Emmy Award Documentary NATAS
Rocky Mountain Emmy Award Writing NATAS
Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominee Directing NATAS

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This 30 minute documentary was accompanied by a live 30 minute discussion program and highlighted the journey of 5 young people who were coming back from suicide attempts. The project also included break out videos for parents and educators along with a curriculum guide for classroom discussion.

Discussion of suicide and depression is not easy or simple. But the warning signs of suicide can be recognized, understood and addressed by loved ones. A think tank of experts gave us research, guidance and insight into the specific approach for communication and outreach that can be used most effectively based on current programs and opportunities.

The project focused on suicide prevention and empowering family and peer friends throughout the community with tools to help. These tools included specific information and warning signs so that those most likely to have contact with potential victims of suicide (teen peers) will know when to take action to help and ways to help. The primary voice in the program is that of young people, those who have attempted suicide and those who have been affected by it.

See Mommy Cry / Home Safe Home

Rocky Mountain Emmy Award Documentary NATAS
Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominee Writing NATAS
Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominee Discussion/Interview Program NATAS

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Using children's artwork as a primary theme, this amazing 40 minute documentary addressed the issue of domestic violence including its causes, victims and toll.


A live 80 minute statewide town hall meeting, as a follow up to "See Mommy Cry", broadcast simultaneously on the PBS and NBC station groups in the New Mexico region. The project involved over 150 crew and went live from 6 sites including the Los Lunas Prison.

Domestic abuse knows no socio-economic, ethnic, or age boundaries. Approximately one in five female high school students is physically or sexually abused by a dating partner, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Of young children who come from a home in which abuse has occurred, 50% will repeat that abuse when they become adults. Of men who abuse their partners, 80% grew up in abusive homes.

This project worked on several levels: educating the public in order to create more effective legislation for abuse victims; educating those who are in abusive relationships so they have alternatives and direction to move forward out of the situation; educating teenagers, their parents and school officials about date abuse in order to help break the cycle; and educating the communities most likely to encounter abuse victims so they will be prepared to help.

The overall project included:
1) a 40 minute documentary and 80 minute live town hall meeting broadcast,
2) a video series for use in high school classrooms, and
3) a series of short training videos intended to serve as a center piece for a more through understanding of the impact of domestic violence on our communities.

Healing the Earth

Rocky Mountain Emmy Award Documentary NATAS
Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominee Writing NATAS

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This inspiring and ground-breaking documentary has been filmed around the world and explores a solution to global warming; an answer that saves money, our food supply and most likely our children's lives.

This story is about hope and using tools, already in place, to heal what we all depend on to survive: the topsoil of the Earth. The film is about one solution to global warming through carbon sequestration in grasslands worldwide. As we learn of the possibilities, children from around the globe help us understand how important the issue is to everyone's future.

"Healing the Earth" holds a critical part of the answer to one of the world's most formidable problems. And the results are shown to be vast, long lasting and life changing for the individuals involved, for their communities and for the world. And the answer is right under our feet.

Past Projects


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