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Rocky Mountain Emmy Award Documentary NATAS
Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominee Writing NATAS

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New Mexico has one of the highest drug related death rates in the nation. Over 30% of New Mexico students have been offered drugs at school. This project includes a 30 minute documentary, a 20 minute version as well as a viewer guide for classrooms and organizations to explore the reasons, dangers and answers to drug problems.

The viewer will learn about the extent and effect of drugs on our kids as highlighted by statistics and true stories. It is an opportunity for youth and their parents to come together and discuss solutions to this issue.

Experts include a medical doctor who performs an autopsy and speaks very clinically about what happens to specific organs of the body when drugs are introduced. This autopsy, while real, is filmed so as not to shock the audience or show things that will make people uncomfortable. The doctor discusses why prescription drugs are particularly dangerous, when used illegally and not for the person whom the drug is prescribed. He also explains why some drugs make the person feel "good" but what actually happens inside the body and its ultimate bad effect.

Also included are interviews with school counselors, parents, and youth about what is happening with drugs and kids. We hear from youth who have had experiences with drugs and from police experts about how to identify what drug a person is on so parents can recognize if their child is high. Additionally, a brain research expert and a youth psychologist talk about the developing young brain and how drug use during adolescents can affect the brain permanently.

Knowing When to Stop

Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominee Documentary NATAS



A 30 minute documentary examining gambling addiction. The program was based in a therapy room with three gambling addicts talking to their counselor.

As gaming and casinos become more important to the economic prosperity of Native Americans and surrounding communities, addressing the issue of problem gambling, or gambling addiction, has increased in its importance. This documentary along with a series of training tapes is being used to educate casinos and the public at large about recognizing and treating problem gamblers.


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RISK / Why kids take dangerous risks

Over the past decade, research has indicated that human brains continue to grow well into the mid 20s. As a result, several of the key areas of the brain that help control impulsive behavior are not fully developed during adolescence. This is a key when teens are faced with decisions that could have extremely dangerous and life changing consequences. This is why parents and youth need to understand and have specific tools to help counter some of the RISK.

"RISK" is a comprehensive media campaign to help PARENTS, EDUCATORS and HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS throughout New Mexico understand youth brain development, particularly during adolescence. It gives parents tools to use with their children and give students tools to help them make healthy decisions. This campaign utilizes a variety of media to reach parents and youth with the information necessary to help keep kids safe.

The project involves parents, teens and brain experts extensively in the creative process and centers on the production of a 30 minute documentary along with a 30 minute live community conversation phone in program that will be broadcast in fall of 2009 just as school is beginning. It also includes a series of television informational promos, a shortened version of the documentary for public talks and a viewer guide about the issue.

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