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Hikers, Bikers & Automobiles: Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety
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PREGNANT: Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Everyone's Business: Protecting Our Children
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NO EXCEPTIONS, Pain Killer Addiction
DOMENICI, National Leadership
SMASHED: Youth, Brains and Alcohol
CODY - The First Step, Paralysis Issues
Looking In, Homelessness
Date Violence, Dating Issues
Not In My Family, Mental Health Stigma
Coming Back, Youth Suicide
See Mommy Cry, Domestic Violence
Healing the Earth, Global Warming
High, Kids and Drugs
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Opportunity to Succeed
GIRLS: Challenges/Choices
Natural Thief
Party 101: Consequences
One Friday Night

Incorporated in 1992, Christopher Productions has created dozens of television programs and projects. The following is a list of programs the company has overseen, produced and disseminated:

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Highlighting a wide variety of unique and model educational programs, this 46 minute documentary also highlights a series of experts in brain development, sleep, nutrition and stress.

One of the key recommendations of the Council on Excellence and Equity to successfully close the achievement gap is to keep this issue in front of the public and within public conversation. This is crucial in order to invest communities in the whole child approach in a way that will encourage the needed in kind and financial support. With this in mind, the purpose for this campaign is to not only enlarge conversation about this issue at the grassroots level, but to create a positive, progressive opinion about how whole communities need to support this effort and particular ways they can contribute. The target audiences for the campaign are community business leaders, parents, legislators, educators and others who will be integrally involved.

Just as importantly, we target the parents who need a variety of help and support in order to prepare their children for educational success. This part of the campaign highlights ways parents can access local support for their families and specific ways they can ready their children for school.

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National Association of Commissions for Women Outstanding Achievement Award
Rocky Mountain Emmy Award Public Affairs Special NATAS

Partnering with all girl video crews, this one hour special addressed five key issues that affect young women: Body Image, Depression, Date Violence, Drug Abuse, and Teen Pregnancy.

Research has shown that in third world countries, when young girls receive an education, and information about the choices they have, there is economic improvement within their communities. The "Girls: Challenges/Choices" project explores the aforementioned issues to improve understanding, empowerment and self-esteem among these girls.

This unique and groundbreaking campaign has extensively involved girls ages 13 to 18 throughout New Mexico in the creation of all aspects of the project so the message is about teenage girls by teenage girls. Christopher Productions trained all girl video crews at five diverse schools in New Mexico (geographically, ethnically, and economically) to research and totally produce a video story about a particular aspect of BEING a GIRL in their community. Each school created a one minute and 30 second video about one of five major issues: Date Violence, Body Image, Depression, Teen Pregnancy, and Substance Abuse. These videos were then broadcast on local ABC affiliate KOAT during their evening newscast as a lead up to the full one hour program. To see these videos please visit

Each of the all-girl video crews then continued their work and research on the issues and developed a three to five-minute video project that examined solutions to the issues in their particular community. These projects were then used in the one hour interactive television special. The live broadcast utilized web interactive text messaging as well as live "web cam" conversation in five remote locations.

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This video media campaign documented and informed the public on the efforts and importance of removing Salt Cedar and Russian Olive non-native, water-loving trees from the Rio Grande Bosque. The video showed the beginning steps in the removal of these trees and why it's vitally important to the life of the Rio Grande to continue the work.

Awards: Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominee Documentary NATAS

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Utilizing teen produced video and police ride-alongs, this program shows the dangers of youth parties including violence, alcohol poisoning, date rape and driving while intoxicated.

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For the first time in broadcast history, all the television stations in New Mexico carried this documentary on underage drinking, most on the same night and time period. One Friday Night was created in coordination with over 150 teenagers and over a dozen teen video crews throughout the state. As a follow up to the documentary, three PBS Affiliates in New Mexico carried a one hour live town hall meeting.

Rocky Mountain Emmy Documentary NATAS
Rocky Mountain Emmy Directing NATAS
Rocky Mountain Emmy Governors Award NATAS

ACTION Summer 2009)
A project in conjunction with the National Institute of Health to develop a DVD to assist youth who want to lose weight.

Seven Career Clusters Spring 2008)
A short video used in schools in New Mexico to encourage students to think ahead in terms of their career choices and what those choices may be in 5 to 10 years.

Youth Permanent Supportive Housing Project April 2008
A short video to explain how this innovative project helps youth of transitional age stay in an apartment as they begin to get their lives together..

T-Mobil Invitational December 2008
A short video about a national basketball tournament that also includes local community service projects by the teams participating.

Character Counts August 2007
This project included training 35 Character Counts school teams in the basics of video production and journalism, using the youth created news stories during the local ABC newscast and producing a half hour documentary, "Character is the Heart of New Mexico", along with a live follow up discussion program.

Compulsive Gambling : Co-Workers / Family Members July 2007
Two training videos were created for the Sandia Pueblo about problem gambling and how to deal with 1) a coworker or 2) a family member who may have this addition.

Dad's: The Missing Ingredient Exec. Producer/Director June 2007
Through the Public Education Department and the Human Services Department of New Mexico, a 20 minute video was created that highlighted the importance of fathers to their children. It was targeted to young fathers who need to understand the crucial role they play in the raising of their children.

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