“Chris has that magical energy and wealth of experience that any student or professional will want to learn from. His ability to inspire students to create impactful films is at the core of what film education needs. Given the chance, I’d listen to him all day and shadow him on any production.”

— K Pontuti, PhD Chair/Professor, Media X, University of the Pacific 

“I do mean it; your class has a wellspring of insight more valuable than 3 semesters in film courses. I hope to continue to learn more from you and your experiences.”

— Alysha Nunez, Animator / Producer

“I cannot express enough how much your words of encouragement meant to me! For any future acceptance speeches in my career, you will hereby be referred to as ‘my mentor’.”

— Tony M. Marino, Videographer / Producer 

“Chris is my teaching inspiration - he keeps a class entertained and engaged while delivering life-changing lessons.”

— John Grace, Department Head / Instructor, Georgia Film Academy, Savannah Technical College 

“Chris Schueler has perfected documentary producing to a science. No one does it better. The proof is in the awards he has won and the impact his programs have had on audiences around the world.”

Rich Greene, Former FOX Network Producer / Writer / Editor 

“Chris Schueler’s class is a revelation for producers of documentaries or any other genre of content. From beginners to seasoned professionals, class participants will benefit from Schueler’s straightforward, logical methodology for producing targeted, impactful and financially viable projects.”

— Dean Butler, Almanzo Wilder, “Little House on the Prairie”; Producer, “Feherty” Golf Channel