Chris Schueler Masterclass St Johns University

Flexible In Person Workshops

Accommodate varying schedules.

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Each workshop format is crafted to ensure participants gain valuable insights and skills, regardless of their current level of expertise or specific academic focus. They also include producer “templates” for all aspects of production and can include follow up Zoom meetings.

Half-Day Workshop: Perfect for a concise yet impactful learning experience, these sessions are designed to introduce the core principles of documentary/social change film-making, including project selection and basic production techniques.

Full-Day Workshop: Offering a deeper dive into documentary production and social change, these workshops cover a broader range of topics, from storytelling and audience engagement to funding strategies and distribution channels.

Two-Day Workshop: In addition to the above material, these comprehensive sessions provide an immersive experience allowing students to receive detailed feedback and mentoring on their specific projects or upcoming projects, from pre-production planning to post-production editing.

Extended Program: A longer time period that allows participants several weeks between two – two day workshops to utilize the skills and tools acquired to produce short videos for local organizations. This can culminate in a premiere event for the students and partners.