Media shapes perceptions and drives change.

This Masterclass is for
the next generation of documentary filmmakers.

Empower Students to transform lives through social change filmmaking with Chris Schueler’s “Media with Purpose” Documentary Masterclass. Tailored for students passionate about making a difference, this masterclass:

Inspires  their drive to create,
Sharpens  their production skills,
Identifies  the content that matters and 
Explains  how to fund it.

Why “Media with Purpose”?

Empowerment Through Expertise: Learn from the best. Chris Schueler, an Emmy® Award-winning producer, offers his vast experience in developing and producing projects that have captivated audiences worldwide and sparked social change.

Beyond the Classroom: This is a journey into the heart of impactful storytelling with real life examples from around the world, teaching
students how to weave narratives that resonate deeply with the audience and inspire action.

Skills for the Future: Equip all students, in every field, with a unique blend of creative, technical, and entrepreneurial skills for the fast-evolving media landscape.”